A modern radar alleviates a navigators taskload. Not just when it's foggy, but also during rain, while crossing shipping lanes or when discovering new sailing areas. During the course we work with a simulator, and if possible finish the day with a session on our 8 meter RIB with a Raymarine Quantum radar. 

 Because we switch often from theory to practical exercises you will confidently learn to known how to work with your radar:

  • bow up or north up.
  • overlay, with or without AIS
  • finetuning the radar
  • how to interpret echos
  • difference in radar units, setups and integration into the yachts systems. 

The law in The Netherlands:
If you want to navigate in Inland Waterways during reduced visibility you must have a radarpatent and a specifically approved inland waterways radar. Those approved inland scanners are 1.8 meter wide, so typically not usable on a yacht. The RYA Small Craft radar certificate is NOT a valid radar patent for this use. |On Inland waterways, if you are surprised by reduced visibility, you can use the radar to find save shelter. 

At sea you have to use the radar: lookout at all possible means. 

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